Mini-League Admin

Mini-league competitions are the ultimate way to define champions among friends! By creating and joining mini-leagues, you and your friends can compete directly with one another and see your scores ranked in order of success.

Follow the simple steps below to create your mini-league now!


Log into the game using the email address and password registered to your account.
Click 'Mini-Leagues' from the navigation menu at the top of the page.


Join a Mini-League:
Click the option 'Join a Mini-League' and enter the mini-league title and password given to you by the person who invited you to join. You can be a member of up to 10 mini-leagues.

Create a Mini-League:
Click the option 'Create a Mini-League' and give your mini-league a title and secure it with a password. You can be the Chairman of up to 3 mini-leagues.


To view your mini-leagues at any time, click "Mini-Leagues" on the navigation bar.*
From here you can track your progress and review your mini-league members.*

If you have joined a mini-league, you will not see your team in the league until the Chairman has accepted your request.

NB: To accept members into your mini-league, click "Mini-Leagues" on the navigation bar and then click on the mini-league title that you have created. In the ‘Mini-League Chairman Control Panel’ you'll find any requests made to join your mini-league from those you've invited. You can then accept or decline the requests in order for the applicant to join the league.


Email all of your friends from the mini-league control panel to tell them the league name and password and invite them to join your mini-league. You can also send messages to your mini-league members to talk tactics and banter with them.

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